Urban Systems Optimizes Learning at Club

Published March 22, 2019 22:15

2019 03 15 Kelowna Learning Lab Ribbon 2 Wp

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs recognize that technology is ever changing and important for children and youth to learn now and in the future. Thanks to the generous donation of close to $50,000 from Urban Systems Foundation, along with Urban System’s staff knowledge, skills and commitment, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs - Martin Ave celebrated the Grand Opening of the newly renovated Learning Lab on March 14th.

Club kids are now able to participate in activities that encourage growth in areas of technology that may otherwise be missed. Coding, typing skills, homework help, tech scavenger hunts, design and animations are a few activities made possible thanks to the renovation of their club space. 

This major initiative had many moving parts and stages to get to this exciting point and Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs would like to recognize John Cleveland from Urban Systems for his instrumental efforts in the renovation of the Martin Ave. Learning Lab.   

Initially, Urban System was prepared to assist with the upgrading of the Learning Lab’s technology. After visiting the club and assessing the situation John and fellow colleague and IT expert Dillan Collins, discovered that the lab’s usability was hindered by its layout and furnishings.


John reported back to the Urban Systems team that “The current room had raised platforms that were difficult to maneuver around and chairs that were so heavy, they could barely be moved.” The Urban System team discussed the many ways they could contribute to the upgrade. It was unanimously resolved to make significant improvements to the entire functionality by starting from the ground up. 

That is exactly what the Urban System team did!


Leading the Learning Lab initiative John presented the Urban Systems Kelowna team’s plans for upgrades to the Foundation Board securing funds to move the initiative forward. John then recruited colleges and other professionals to assist in the process. The team provided support on demolition day, assisted in the design and went above and beyond to provide up-to-date technology creating a fully operating Learning Lab. With 12 new computers, a smart board, portable television, work tables, ergonomic chairs, storage cupboards, and a comfortable breakout area Club kids are eager to work and play in the new space!


“John’s passion and determination saw this project through and his support meant so much! We value John and are grateful for his commitment to our kids. Saying ‘Thank You’ doesn’t feel like enough when we speak about Urban Systems and Urbans Systems Foundation and the financial and physical support they provided to renovate and equip our new lab”, said Lianna Michaylow, Director of Early Years Programs at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.



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