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Published July 25, 2018 12:12

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40% of parents across Canada believe they don’t devote enough time to their children’s education, often stating they don’t have time or don’t know how. The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs want to help children, youth and parents combat this issue!

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Power Up! an academic enhancement program designed for children and youth had been running at the Peachland Club since October 2017. Power Up! is aimed at creating an environment where children and youth can develop a positive attitude and healthy appreciation towards school and their academic achievements. The basic framework of the Power Up! program consists of two parts: one-on-one homework help, and educational activities.

This program has been designed to encourage learning for both the participants and facilitators. Getting starting facilitators are supplied with an Activities Guide containing games, exercises, and projects to facilitate with the Power Up! participants, they also receive a program frame work to help create tailored games, exercises, and projects for their specific club needs. With the financial support of Fidelity Investments the OBGC Peachland Club has been able to do just that!

One participants parent stated "The Power Up! program provides students with the opportunity to work on homework and educational skills through activities. For me, this means that my son has the opportunity to do his homework in a structured and supportive environment and it means we, as a family, have more quality time to spend together during our hectic school week."

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Peachland club has used funding to purchase robotic sets from Lego education, these sets provide teacher guides, and built in tutorials. The projects build and advance skills in coding, math, science, engineering, computer technology and critical thinking. The goal of Lego Robotics is to provide children and youth the opportunity to work with technology that grow with them and help build relevant 21st century skills.

The Okanagan has a large tech industry, giving our members the foundational skills to compete in this industry is a great asset to our community. Nichole Tutt, Program Area Leader, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs – Peachland stated “The Lego education is a great learning tool for members who have difficulty with traditional learning methods as it supplies hands on learning.”

Ultimately the goal was to make learning fun and provide opportunities for reading, homework help, tutoring and learning while members are at the club. This program took into consideration that kids have different learning styles or challenges building confidence, supplying new ways to learn and gain confidence in their selves. 

Another participants parent wrote "It is so nice to see my kids excited about school work, reading and educational games. They always have something great to say about it!" Overall, the staff, participants, and parents at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs - Peachland are very pleased with the outcome of the Power Up! program and thank Fidelty and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada for this amazing opportunity. 

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