Playtime Casino Helping Support Kindness in Our Community

Published March 07, 2019 18:45


Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are excited by the recent donation of $1500 from Playtime Casino to support our efforts to help our kids learn more about kindness, compassion, understanding, tolerance and inclusion.

Everyday kids experience challenges in relationship with their peers and others and our goal is to help give them the knowledge and tools to better handle these negative interactions. Staff and volunteers are helping kids to gain friendship-building skills, learn empathy and to develop their own personal self-esteem and resiliency. Through modeling and providing intentional programs we are able to impart healthy ways to manage the behaviour of others and themselves so they can successfully navigate the obstacles they may face. 


The kids are also taught what to do if negative behaviours continue; who they can reach out to; the resources available to them and that it is okay to let someone know when they are being treated in a way that feels bad. 

Our hope at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs is that kindness prevails and bullying behaviour stops. With the support of generous donors like Playtime Casino, we know this is possible.

Thank you Playtime Casino!

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