Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs and Clubs throughout Canada Unplug to Connect

Published May 15, 2018 12:17

Unplug To Connect

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs and Clubs throughout Canada will Unplug from technology to Connect with the children, youth and families we all serve. We are encouraging everyone else to do the same. We are suggesting that you find one hour in your day to leave your phone off, turn off your computer, tv or any other technology that distracts you from really connecting with the people around you.

At the Boys and Girls Clubs we are committed to building healthy, strong and positive relationships with the children, youth, families and community we work with. We believe that it is important to be in the moment and spending time with out a phone in our hands or at a computer on in order to really develop and strengthen these relationships.

On June 1st we are encouraging you to put down your phone, turn off your computers and spend focused time to connect with the people around you. From 3:30-4:30pm everyone in our Clubs and our Administrative Office will make every effort to do the same and we will be engaging with our kids and colleagues in a fun-filled way. We will be participating in arts and crafts exercise, playing a group baseball game, maybe having an unplugged talent show, or hosting a cooking club. We hope you will do something fun too.

Join is at some point tomorrow and Unplug to Connect!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before and after June 1st so you can see the fun things we are doing to Unplug to Connect. Don't forget to hashtag #unplugtoconnect.

Feel free to share your Unplug to Connect stories. Visit get involved.

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