Montana's Helping Youth Gain Hospitality Skills

Published September 27, 2018 21:59

Between now and October 15th you can help support our youths career training skills by enjoying a meal and making a donation out the Kelowna Montana's Restaurant.

Until October 15, customers that donate $5 to Boys and Girls Clubs at Montana’s will get 5 kids’ meals free, plus a bonus $5 Toys “R” Us Canada gift card!

The money raised from the campaign will directly support our national program Skilled4Success (S4S) – Hospitality. The S4S Hospitality program is a pre-employment program that assists youth to develop the skills and competencies needed to work in the hospitality industry. Completion of the S4S certificate will help youth increase their chances of success when seeking employment in the hospitality sector, where most youth find their first job.

Thanks to Montana's and CARA Foods for their support!

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