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At the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs, we believe that having a diverse group of people with a variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities enhances the experience of the young people we work with every day. Our team is committed to enriching the lives of children, youth and families in our communities. We are an organization who lives our mission statement and values, and believes that our staff and volunteers are our most valuable resources.

Here is what our employees are saying about us...

"We have awesome values and awesome coworkers. Our goal is to help people who need it and that goal is easy to stand behind proudly. I respect the breadth and scope of services that we provide. I want to continue being a part of this work for a long time to come and see a way that I can build my career here."

"I love what OBGC stands for and does - this organization matches up with my personal beliefs about people and about the world. I feel like we are here to give opportunities to people who live lives without opportunity. We are helping without judgment and we are supporting each other while we do it."

"I feel supported by the organization... I love working in an exciting environment where everything can always change for the better and I am always meeting new people."

"I love the atmosphere and culture of OBGC. The staff team is amazing and the work place feels like a safe warm place to be."

"I love the staff. My coworkers are amazing and I love engaging in team work with them. Everyone is supportive. I am always being offered training opportunities and I love that I am encouraged to keep learning. I like to make a difference in people's lives and this is a job where I get to do that."

"Working at OBGC is always exciting. I enjoy the work and I am always learning."

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