Pink Shirt Day Breakfast

Pink Shirt Day Breakfast

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We invite you to our 4th Annual Pink Shirt Day Breakfast present by TELUS, taking place February 28th, 2018. At this awesome event, we will kick-off the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs’ annual kindness movement.

This is going to be an incredible event, so make sure to get your tickets today .

Date: February 28, 2018

Time: 7:00am to 9:30am

Location: Laurel Packinghouse 1304 Ellis Street - (Decorating provided by Glitz N' Glam)


7:00am - Breakfast Begins - (Meal provided by Sysco Kelowna, Okanagan College Culinary Arts Department, McDonald's and Kaleena Cakes)

7:45am - Diane Entwistle's (Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs CEO) Message

7:50am - Mayor Colin Basran Pink Shirt Day Kindness Proclamation

Mhp35128:00am - Guest Speaker - Beth Hanishewski - Resiliency in the Real World - In a world where we all experience both sides of life - the great and the not-so-great moments there is one quality above all others that determines our success in life: resiliency. Thriving is pretty easy when things are going well but the ability to thrive in times of adversity, pressure and strife comes down your daily habits. In this presentation some surprising antidotes will be given on how to cope with modern life and be resilient in the real world. Get ready to thrive!

9:00am - Closing Remarks

9:30am - Breakfast End

Thank you to Sysco Kelowna, Okanagan College Culinary Arts Team, Glitz N' Glam, McDonald's, Kaleena Cakes, Flash and Frame Photo Booth, Doak Shirreff Lawyers LLP and SW Audio who will be helping make the day a great success.

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For the past three years, we, with the help of some amazing community supporters, have hosted a breakfast on Pink Shirt Day with the goal of not only raising awareness of how being resilient, kind and healthy can benefit our community, but also raising funds to run our programs and services encouraging and teaching resiliency, empathy, kindness and understanding.

Pink Shirt Day began when two Nova Scotia teens took a stand against bullying. They noticed that a new grade 9 boy was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. In response, David Shepherd and Travis Price went to purchase 50 pink tank tops. They proceeded to distribute a message to their classmates outlining their plan, and the following morning they handed out all 50 pink tank tops to boys at school. According to Mr. Price, when the bullied boy walked into school that morning, his face spoke volumes and “it looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.” The boy felt supported by his peers and those bullies were never heard from again.

Since that initial act of kindness, Pink Shirt Day has grown into a nationwide initiative. The idea that two exceptional teens came up with has grown it into a campaign that helps thousands of children, youth and adults each year. And here at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs, we want to help.

Pink Shirts and other pink items are on sale through

For information on Pink Shirt Day events, contact Richelle Leckey at or call 250-762-3914.

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2018 Sponsors!

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Pink Shirt Day Official 2018 Shirt!


T-shirts on sale now at

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