The Power of Gratitude

By hmcneil

The Scoop on Giving,

I remember those glorious days when the Sears Christmas Wishbook arrived in the
mail. My sisters, brother, and I would comb through the book until it was dog eared
and tattered. It was all about what we were going to get as kids. I’m not sure when it
all changed for me, but at some point the holidays became much more about giving
and seeing the look on a loved ones face when the gift they received was
something they had hoped for.

It feels good to give! It turns out there’s some science behind that. Academic studies
have found that giving money lifts people’s spirits more than spending it on
themselves does. It’s also true of giving time, and acts of kindness. Another study
reports that people who give live longer and feel happier. There’s a part of the brain
that likes giving, the part that likes pleasure, social connection, and trust.

When we talk to people who have chosen to give their money or time or both to the
Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs, we hear how happy they are to be part of helping
children and youth in the Okanagan grow up well. When we share the impact that
their donation has, they are often surprised by how much we do with every
donation, no matter how big or small. We use donations to ensure that our clubs
are bright, welcoming environments that have kid and youth friendly equipment and
supplies. We use donations to buy food to prepare snacks and meals. We use
donations to purchase vans and to offer kids a chance to get outdoors. We use
donations to hire and train staff that run programs and services every day.

Giving takes all sizes and shapes. 

We have donors and supporters who knit
mittens, who prepare soup, who paint, who volunteer, who give us money, who
build us kitchens, who provide us with vans, who support youth in their academic
pursuits. We have businesses like Home Depot, and the recent Orange Door
Campaign, who have joined us in our work and who have brought their local team,
and their National Foundation into the work that we do.

Giving Tuesday, a global movement of giving, inspired us to undertake an
ambitious task this holiday season. For the very first time in Okanagan Boys and
Girls Clubs history, we are running a peer to peer campaign. If every person
subscribed to our newsletter donates $5.00, we could raise $15 000 for kids, youth,
subscribed to our newsletter donates $5.00, we could raise $15 000 for kids, youth,
and families. We have set a higher target for the campaign and are excited to see
what happens. You can see campaign information below. Of course, we at Boys
and Girls Clubs enjoy giving too, so all donors will be entered to win WestJet tickets
for two to any destination WestJet flies. Happy holidays!

Diane For Website

Diane Entwistle
CEO – Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs