The Importance of Being Thankful

By hmcneil

Hello again,

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that encourages us to count our blessings.
We come together with friends and family to share a meal. Enjoying each other’s
company makes us grateful. This year at my Thanksgiving dinner, we had a group
of 12, many of whom were meeting each other for the first time. As it turned out, our
turkey was missing a leg, so it didn’t quite look like the perfect turkey that we often
see in magazines and on Pinterest. But in no way did that detract from the things
that we were all truly grateful for: the people in our lives.

There is a great clip circulating on Youtube where the announcer asks adults who
they would most like to have dinner with. They come up with all sorts of famous
people. When the announcer asks the kids, they all have the same answer- it’s no
one famous, it’s their family.

That’s what Thanksgiving reinforced for me. Finding time to eat together around a
table can be challenging, but it is so important.There is something about
conversation and food that is well worth the effort. Here at Okanagan Boys and Girls
Clubs, we are working hard to support families in many ways. Wherever possible,
we try to model the importance of sitting down together and eating.
Our staff and volunteers have been working across the valley to teach kids and
families how to prepare meals together. Our family dinners, held at many clubs, are
another way that we encourage togetherness over a meal.

We encourage you to help us help families find ways to eat together and to give
children, youth, and their families the skills they need to prepare a meal and
reinforce the importance of sharing a meal together.

Diane For Website
Diane Entwistle
CEO – Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs