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Why Eat Together?

Article ImageRecently I heard about the President’s Choice “Dine Together” Movement which encourages families to spend more time around the dinner table enjoying a meal. This got me thinking. What is it about food that brings people together? Why it is so important to eat together as a family or a group of friends? What can we gain from doing that more often?

In our family, some of our best conversations and memories come from the family dinner table. Eating together is such a natural time for a family or group of friends to come together to check in with one another. Conversations around the table are an opportunity to let others know that you’re interested and present. How was your day? Was there anything that happened today that you’re proud of? Was there anything today that did not go your way? What should we do tonight? All these questions help children and adults with a greater feeling of connection, and stronger relationships.

But, news flash… to get the real value of eating together, we can’t rely on technology. We have to put the phone down and turn the TV off. There is a significant focus on the amount of screen time that kids are exposed to, and we all agree that it’s too much. But, what about us?